The Anna Cross

The Anna Cross

Jan. 01, 1954Soviet UnionPG
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The Anna Cross (or Anna on the Neck) is a film adaptation of the short story of the same name by Anton Chekhov. In the story, the beautiful 18-year-old Anna agrees to marry a wealthy 52-year-old official, Modest Alekseevich, in order to help out her destitute family. She believes the marriage will help her financially support her alcoholic father and two struggling brothers.

However, Anna was not prepared for the the severity and greed of her husband. Immediately after the wedding, she finds out her new husband is terribly stingy and only dreams of advancing his career. Meanwhile, she ends up spending long days alone at home longing for her family.

That is, until her husband, Modest Alekseevich, buys her a new ball gown and takes her to a New Year’s ball. There, Anna’s beauty is on full display and she dazzles high society.

However, her transition from poverty to riches comes at a cost. Fame and luxuries transform her and she ends up becoming blissfully unaware of the misery into which her father and brothers sink.

The Anna Cross
Original title Анна на шее
IMDb Rating 7.2 99 votes
TMDb Rating 5.1 5 votes