Russian Resource Links

Russian Language Blogs


Babbel is one of the most popular language learning platforms in the world. Check out the list of the best films for learning Russian I wrote for their magazine here.

Explore Russian

Explore Russian is run by Angelos, a lovely Greek gentleman who moved to St. Petersburg to pursue his passion for Russian. You can find a blog post I wrote for him about Red Army marches here.

Language Heroes Library

Check out the article I wrote on Russian literature, cinema, and music here.

Learning Russian

A great all-in-one Russian language learning website. Check out their beginner Russian course.

Learn the Russian Language

You can find a guest post movie review I did for 9th Company / 9 рота here.


Russian-Plus provides beginner, intermediate, and advanced Russian lessons. It also has a YouTube channel with great video tours of Russian cities.

Russian for Free

Russian for Free is a great website with a ton of language resources. In particular, I like their Russian texts with audio and English translation.

Russian Lessons

Russian Lessons has a great selection of grammar and vocab resources. They also have a helpful section of 20 advanced parallel texts.

Russian Online with Anastasia Polo 

This is an educational portal for Russian language learners where you can find everything that you need in one place: text documents, video tutorial, tests for self-improvement, blog, and of course help and support. The founder Anastasia Polo: “I don’t like just to teach people the Russian language – I also want to present my culture to you all. So, learning with me is not only about grammar lessons, it is also about modern cultural trends, about significant Russian impact on art and literature and of course about the ineffable and incomprehensible Russian soul.”

Street Russian

Street Russian is run by Katherine, an American who has lived in both Russia and Ukraine. You can find our interview together here.

Russian Language Schools

ABC Languages

ABC Languages is a great language school with offices in and around New York City and the Bay Area. You can find a blog post I wrote about my experience with them here.

Enjoy Russian

Enjoy Russian offers Russian summer immersion session in Petrozavodsk, a city not far from St. Peterburg.


You can study Russian with Lidenz in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Irkutsk, and Riga.

Russian Travel

Russian Blogger

Russian Blogger is a website run by Daniil Timin. He has a bunch of great lists of where to go in Russia that are not Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Way to Russia

Way to Russia is one of the best established online guides to Russia. They have great content on destinations and important information, like visas.