Talking about Red Army marches with

Richard WessSeptember 26, 2019

I love Russian music and have long found it a great way to improve my Russian language level. Through songs, you can learn vocabulary and phrases that help make you sound authentic. And listening to Russians sing definitely can do wonders for your phonetics.

I recently wrote about  three of my favorite Red Army marching songs at Explore Russian: In my blog post I explored the backstory and lyrics of these three songs below: Farewell of Slavianka, We Spin the Earth, and Sacred War.

By the way, if you’re looking for more Russian songs to practice your language, I definitely recommend exploring Angelos’s music resources at Explore Russian. My favorite is his grammar analysis of Вечная молодость / Eternal Youth!

Farewell of Slavianka / Прощание славянки

We Spin the Earth / Мы вращаем землю

Sacred War / Священная война

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