Three Comrades

Three Comrades

Sep. 03, 2020Unknown72 Min.Not Rated
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Three Comrades is a recent Russian film about the inappropriate exploits of three friends in their mid-twenties. Gleb, Vlad, and Gosha are three young men who work together in sales for a local wholesaler. When we’re introduced to them, they seem frustrated and ineffective. Their lives are honestly a little sad. They appear stuck in a terrible job, surrounded by nonexistant customers and a domineering boss.

However, Three Comrades isn’t a cute, lighthearted Russian version of the American TV show, Workaholics. The film soon turns dark once the lads get off work. We soon see that this crew is “ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence,” a la A Clockwork Orange.

One night, the boys go out for drinks after work for what promises to be an uneventful night. However, after heavy drinking, and once their female colleague leaves them, all decorum and semblance of normality is out the window. The trio turn violent and menacing, roaming the streets of St. Petersburg with only the goal of lashing out at humanity on their minds.

Definitely consider watching Three Comrades. Outside of Russia, it hasn’t been particularly well received, partly due to its violent, unsightly subject matter. However, the film is well made and offers a fascinating look at this day and age’s Underground Men of modern Russia.

Three Comrades
Original title Три товарища
IMDb Rating 4.8 13 votes