Interview with

Richard WessSeptember 16, 2019

I had a lot of fun recently being interviewed by Katherine at!

Katherine is an American who has spent time living in both Russia and Ukraine. She has created two wonderful blogs documenting her experiences. Please go check them out at and She is also working on an eBook of themed Russian word searches that help you improve your vocabulary. I’m excited to take a look when it’s released.

You can find our full interview here: Here are the questions that Katherine asked me during it:

  1. What’s currently your favorite word in Russian?
  2. Do you use Russian for work, for play, or for something else?
  3. How long have you been learning Russian? What first attracted you to the language/culture?
  4. What was the first Soviet/Russian film you ever watched?
  5. Russian Film Hub is an amazing resource for people interested in Russian culture! How do you decide which movies to include on the site?
  6. How can people incorporate films in their language learning routine? Should they use subtitles, rewatch the same films, take notes, etc?
  7. What has cinema taught you about Russian culture?
  8. Could you give us some movie recommendations? Which films should every Russian learner definitely see?

You can find a list of Russian Film Hub’s collaborations with other online Russian resources here.